Has Magic Kingdom cancelled its new Broadway-style theater already?

Has Walt Disney World cancelled its recently announced Main Street Theater? It would appear so. Eyewitnesses have reported that construction walls around the physical site where the theater would be constructed have been removed. The location is currently being returned…

The Dapper Dans, Musical Harmony Masters of Disneyland

Disneyland continues their semi-regular series of “Every Role a Starring Role” highlighting different positions throughout the resort. This latest video features the sweet barbershop quartet harmonies of the Dapper Dans, one of Disneyland’s longest running entertainment options. In this video…

Magic Kingdom Plaza Improvement – November 2014 Construction Update


The Plaza (or Hub) at the Magic Kingdom is undergoing a major renovation in order to improve guest flow during the busy show and parade times. We’re back with another look at the progress made so far. We had two updates in September, but we actually skipped October. So there’s been quite a bit of progress since we last checked in.

The side closer to Crystal Palace is closer to completion. You can start to see where the viewing area/garden area will take shape as well a the new path that will lead from near Crystal Palace into the hub. The Tomorrowland Terrace side is a bit further behind, and there’s more work to be done as they also have to build a new seating area in front of the Plaza Restaurant.

The end result of this construction will be a wider area leading from Main Street to the Hub. There will be two garden areas that can be used for fireworks viewing parties, expanded outside seating for Casey’s Jr and some much needed seating for the Ice Cream Palace and Starbucks.

Continue the tour below: