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Magic Kingdom to move morning opening show to Castle forecourt stage

For years the mornings at the Magic Kingdom have kicked off with a magical ‘opening moment’ right at the Train Station, where your favorite Disney characters ride into view on the train. The park has announced that the new year will see a new show, this time at the Castle Forecourt Stage, which means guests will be allowed into Main Street USA before the park opens.

Disneyland currently uses a similar system with rope drops around the hub. It works pretty well and those with extra magic hours, or a breakfast reservation, will still have a way to get past the ropes. The newly expanded plaza at the Magic Kingdom will be perfect for this.

The change has been long rumored. It comes as Disney is looking for ways to be more efficient with its guest screening system while still keeping safety a high priority. Shifting the crowds away from the entrance plaza into the park’s hub and castle forecourt, will definitely reduce congestion in the morning.

One of the benefits for guests is that they’ll now be able to get a breakfast, hot drink, or snack at the StarBucks in the Main Street Bakery before the day really gets going. Meanwhile on the stage, a Royal Herald will make a proclamation and welcome a few of your favorite Disney characters to the stage before the park is officially opened for the day.

The new process starts on January 9th. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Magic Kingdom to move morning opening show to Castle forecourt stage”

  1. Glad I finally saw the opening ceremony last year. It was really fun seeing them pull up on the train. Hope the new show is as good.

  2. So the crowds will just be moved from the entrance and the train to the stage…what’s the difference other than selling more food on Main Street? Will as many of the characters be there?will the welcoming song still be used? Instead of being able to actually see the characters up high…now I won’t be able to see what is happening over all the tall people standing on the same level ground as me….but I should be thrilled about this? Don’t think so….

  3. What a great idea!! Taking advantage of some things that are already in place rather the spending huge $$ on construction! Now if only they could put some benches back throughout the park for older folks to be able to take a rest while people watching and enjoying the atmosphere rather than having to leave the park to rest & recharge.

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