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Concept Art overview of Disney's America theme park

Does Walt Disney World really need a fifth gate?

I’m just going to jump right to my proposition. Disney needs to build a theme park somewhere else in the United States very soon. Somewhere like outside of Washington D.C. (driving distance from most of the North East), St. Louis or eastern Texas (reachable by… Read More »Does Walt Disney World really need a fifth gate?

DisneyQuest ends run at Downtown Disney

In news of more closures at Walt Disney World, DisneyQuest on the Downtown Disney Westside will close in 2016. A new NBA Experience restaurant will reopen in that location. This marks the end of an era for the Walt Disney Company.  It once believed that… Read More »DisneyQuest ends run at Downtown Disney

Morning Roundup – June 22

Disney steps up enforcement against teenage loiterers and disrupters at Downtown Disney. This is in response to a perceived general increase in "ganglike" behavior at the shopping and entertainment center. Last weekend over 40 trespass warnings were issued, as many as had been issued in the previous 5 1/2 months. At least one banned individual… Read More »Morning Roundup – June 22

Another Theme Park For Vegas?

Just when you thought Las Vegas was done attempting family-friendly theme parks in the Disney / Universal / Cedar Fair / Busch style, along comes this story reporting plans for a $1.1 billion destination resort, complete with an indoor snow park, an indoor/outdoor water park, a casino (of course), two hotels, an events arena, and… Read More »Another Theme Park For Vegas?

News on the next Indiana Jones movie: Script Approved?

Over at there are two recent posts that make me think we might just see a fourth Indiana Jones film in theatres before 2008. First was a link to story on Ain’t It Cool News that claims to have insider knowledge of George Lucas’ preproduction for the film. They were told to do research… Read More »News on the next Indiana Jones movie: Script Approved?

Disney World Restaurant Tops in Class

The servers still wear costumes of circa 1900 servants, but their Disney name tags no longer misidentify them as a Victoria or an Albert, one of the bits of silliness that did disservice to an otherwise high-class dining experience; staff members may now use their own names. The Orlando Sentinel has a new review of… Read More »Disney World Restaurant Tops in Class