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Julie Andrews

The Boys, Walt & El Grupo, & Waking Sleeping Beauty on DVD

Three new Disney-themed documentaries arrive on DVD tomorrow (with bonus features and collectible keepsakes), each exploring a unique facet of the company’s history. Many Disney fans have been waiting for months to see some or all of these films as they were given very limited theatrical runs.… Read More »The Boys, Walt & El Grupo, & Waking Sleeping Beauty on DVD

Julie Andrews is Disneyland’s Honorary Ambassador

Julie Andrews continues her string of guest appearances at Disneyland that were kicked off with the 50th Anniversary celebration. This time she was there for a book signing and a re-dedication of “Jingles” the lead horse on the King Arthur Carousel in Fantasyland. As part… Read More »Julie Andrews is Disneyland’s Honorary Ambassador

Annie Leibovitz returns with more photos for Disney

Update: Four more photos added to series 1/24/08. One more added 4/25/08.

Roger Federer by Annie LeibovitzAnnie Leibovitz returns with more photos from her Disney Dream Portrait Series. Tennis ace Roger Federer, who has been the #1 ranked men’s tennis player in the world for four consecutive years, portrays King Arthur and pulls a sword from the anvil that holds a magical grip upon it. The gallant scene is reminiscent of Disney’s animated film ‘The Sword in the Stone,’ in which a young King Arthur follows the wizardly teachings of Merlin.

Rachel Weisz by Annie LeibovitzThe regal image is one of three unveiled today to celebrate Disney Parks’ ‘Year of a Million Dreams.’ Disneyland Resort in California and Walt Disney World Resort in Florida commissioned Leibovitz to create images featuring international celebrities in fairy tale settings. Two more Leibovitz images that Disney Parks released today feature actress Rachel Weisz as ‘Snow White,’ and actress Julie Andrews portraying the Blue Fairy from Disney’s ‘Pinocchio’ with her ‘apprentice’ fairy, portrayed by starlet Abigail Breslin.

julie andrews by Annie LeibovitzThe first three images that Leibovitz created for Disney Parks were released in January 2007. Those images featured actress Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella, singer/actress Beyonce as ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ and international soccer star David Beckham portraying Prince Phillip from Disney’s ‘Sleeping Beauty.’

Update: Find High-Resolution versions of all “Disney Dream Portrait Series” on The Disney Blog Dream Photo Annex.

A few backstage photos and the full Press Release is below the cut:

Read More »Annie Leibovitz returns with more photos for Disney