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More Annie Leibovitz Celebrity Disney Dream Photos

Update: Another photo released on 4/25/08.

Disney Parks has released another suite of four Annie Leibovitz photos that place famous celebrities into fairy tale scenes from Walt Disney’s classic films. This set includes a wide variety of stars: Jessica Biel, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Whoopi Goldberg, Gisele Bundchen, Mikhail Baryshnikov, and Tina Fey.


Above Jessica Biel is portrayed as Pocahontas in a photo illustration titled “Where Dreams Run Free.” Annie Leibovitz “Disney Dream Portrait Series” was commissioned by Disney Parks to celebrate their Year of a Million Dreams promotion for Disneyland and Walt Disney World.


This scene entitled “Where You Never Have to Grow Up,” features supermodel Gisele Bundchen portraying Wendy Darling, with dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov as Peter Pan and actress Tina Fey as Tinker Bell.

Two more photos below the cut. (all photos are courtesy and copyright Disney Parks)

Update (2): Find High-Resolution versions of all the Disney Dream Portrait Series over on The Disney Blog Dream Photo Annex.

Update: Behind the scenes photos from the photo shoot and a quick promotional video from Disney on YouTube.

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Here Jennifer Lopez, posed as Jasmine and husband Marc Anthony as Aladdin from Disney’s “Aladdin,” travel over the Arabian desert in a piece called “Where a Whole New World Awaits,” by Annie Leibovitz.


This last photo looks like Leibovitz might have originally intended to composite in with Lopez and Anthony. But how can you resist a picture of Whoopi Goldberg as the Genie from “Aladdin”.

Update: This appears to be the final version of the Whoopi Goldberg as The Genie photo:


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31 thoughts on “More Annie Leibovitz Celebrity Disney Dream Photos”

  1. I sometimes question the choice of celebrity that appears in these pictures, but I think that overall this idea is a great idea, and this round of pictures looks quite good.

  2. Hey John… here’s a semi-rant for ya:

    -where’s the little white text that’s in the other two sets?
    -is the whoopi one a joke? it’s seems near (bad) photoshopped.
    -I agree with you on the Jessica Biel one.
    -Mikhail Baryshnikov… is just creepy here.

  3. Hey Henry,

    Disney has released both versions of the photos before. One set with the cute white text and one set without.

    I don’t think the Whoopi one is a joke. But I got the feeling that it and the J-Lo pic were supposed to be combined.

    I agree that Baryshnikov is missing a few things that you usually think of when it comes to Peter Pan.. like youth and innocence. Maybe Jamie Lynn Spears would have been better.

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  5. I have been a big fan of this series, but I’m a bit disappointed in this round. I think Biel’s photo is really good, but the Aladdin photos aren’t doing it for me. Perhaps if they release the two combined it will work.

    Also, aside from Fey, the casting of Peter Pan seems very odd.

  6. Yeah, the casting is awful and everyone looks dead eyed. Jessica Biel particularly looks as if she has been taxidermied into a ‘running’ position. creepy.

  7. Well, if you put a Native American in Jessica Biel’s place, it kinda ruins the fun. If you remember, Alice in Wonderland was Beyonce Knowles…

  8. yes… i’m a big fan of these series, however, i don’t really like these three… specially Peter Pan, he’s way too old… but please… put Johny Depp in your next series… ur fan from Malaysia..

  9. the previous ones are better though.. especially rachel as snow white.. and ya… peter pan is definitely way too old… he just doesn’t fit the ” never grow up” look…

    1. You miss the point. Baryshnikov is an icon for youth. He never stayed put, always stretched his boundaries, from ballet to modern dance to photography to his latest project, Hell’s Kitchen, which supports young artists. Even today at age 60 he moves beautifully, while the rest of his generation looks on in amazement.

  10. they cant use orlando bloom for an ad because he already is a disney character, it would cause confusion in the ads purpose…..

  11. A good pick for The Genie would’ve been the actor from “The Green Mile” or maybe even Vin Diesel. As for Pocohantas, Beyonce should’ve done that and left the character Alice for someone else like Dakota Fanning. Hmm, just a thought:)

  12. I don’t like the casting of any pictures to be perfectly honest, even Jennifer Lopez. Mikhail Baryshnikov made me laugh. They could have made Tina Fey as Tinker Bell bigger by placing her in the foreground somehow.
    Pocahontas running seems so un-natural… and they could at least have a tanned person for that part. Sorry for being to negative, but that is my opinion.
    I would have loved Jim Carrey as the Cheshire cat, but the Alice in Wonderland is already made.. Just put him in some other wacky role please ;)

  13. Re: Casting a Native American actress as Pocahontas. As it turns out, Jessica Biel does have Native American heritage. Her maternal grandmother was Choctaw.

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  16. Hw about replace Beyonce as Pocahontas and Biel as Alice? I think that will be better. Anyway,I love the Cinderella.

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  18. i think the choice for alice was very bad.. dakota fanning or somebody should have been chosen. otherwise i think the pictures are wonderful, they are beautiful.

  19. wow! joyhorse! I would love to see Natalie Portman as Belle!

    and Anne Hathaway as Megara from Hercules!

    and what about that boy from August Rush for that kid in Winnie the Pooh? you know, the one who’s always reading his book?

    I’m nuts about this ad. campaign! Disney ROCKS!

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