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Annie Leibovitz’s Disney Fantasyland

Update: Three more photos added on 10/31/07 and Four more photos added on 1/24/08 and one more on 4/25/08. Three more photos added on 3/3/11 featuring Olivia Wilde, Penelope Cruz, Jeff Bridges, and more.

At the request (and paycheck) of Disney, Annie Leibovitz has set her photographer’s eye for beauty on the magic of Walt Disney’s theme parks. The first three images from Leibovitz were revealed today. They will form the backbone of a new promotion for the Year of a Million dreams promotion. Additional images have already been ordered.

Each image features a scene with the featured celebrities transformed into the role of a fabled Disney character, expressing their own dreams and imagination.

Scarlet Johanessen as Cinderella Picture one: As Cinderella, Scarlett Johansson is seen running down a flight of stairs as the clock strikes midnight with her glass slipper unknowingly left behind. The tagline reads, “Where every Cinderella story comes true.”

Befitting a true princess, Johansson wears a stunning, one-of-a-kind Harry Winston tiara — a dazzling piece in platinum with more than 62 carats of sparkling diamonds and valued at $325,000. The dress worn by Johansson is a custom-made, Cinderella-inspired gown designed by Nicoletta Santoro.

David Beckham as Prince PhillipPicture two: David Beckham plays the part of the gallant Prince Phillip from “Sleeping Beauty,” atop his trusted steed fighting the evil dragon. The tagline reads, “Where imagination saves the day.”

“There were many Disney characters I liked as a kid,” said Beckham. “Now my sons love the Disney characters and it’s a big part of their lives, a big part of many children’s lives around the world. So to be part of that is an honor and very exciting.

“I love going to Disney, I’m like a big kid,” he added.

Beyonce, Oliver Platt, and Picture three: Beyoncé appears as “Alice in Wonderland,” twirling in a teacup, accompanied by Oliver Platt as the Mad Hatter and Lyle Lovett as the March Hare. The tagline reads, “Where Wonderland is your destiny.”

“It’s two great imaginations coming together — Disney and Annie Leibovitz,” said Lovett. “To be along for the ride really is quite something, just knowing that you’re going to be part of a great Disney character. And then when you step into the imagination of Annie Leibovitz, you know you’re in another world.”

I have to say that picture three is my favorite. Those are three people I never thought I’d see together in a teacup. For more read this USA Today article that reveals more details of Leibovitz’s process or the Reuters article. also has video coverage of the event where the first three photos were revealed.

I’ve included a few more ‘behind the scenes’ photos from the photo shoots below the cut for your enjoyment (especially you David Beckham fans).

Update: Find High-Resolution versions of all Annie Leibovitz “Disney Dream Portrait Series” on The Disney Blog Dream Photo Annex.

Beyonce as Alice

David Beckham as Disney Prince

David Beckham as Prince by Annie Leibovitz

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35 thoughts on “Annie Leibovitz’s Disney Fantasyland”

    1. I agree with you about the March Hare, but I think that’s why they chose Lyle Lovette…playing up his big ears. Subtle, but somewhat effective.

  1. Really. The David Beckham and Scarlett Johansson ones are nice. I even want them on T-Shirts.

    However. The third picture has some serious troubles. First, it doesn’t really represent anything from the original story, outside of the Teacup and Hatter/Hare. Beyoncé Knowles is simply incapable of representing a young girl lost in a world that may very well be of her own design. If the picture had less motion-blurs, perhaps, and her smile didn’t look so…airbrushed.. Then it might be a nice one. As it is, it’s simply unbearable.

    2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

  2. Alice in Wonderland was A little blonde girl, I cant take Beyonce doing it! It just doesnt look right, plus she looks way too old.

  3. These photos are really cool with the actors photographed as real life Disney characters. Will these be made into a book or something?

  4. These photos are really cool with the actors photographed as real life Disney characters. Will these be made into a book or something?

  5. yeah.. soo nice photos… especially Beckham & Scarlett.. but i really wish you could put Johny Depp also… he’s the best.. keep up the works..

  6. I totally agree with Mister Cuddie & Ruby that the Cinderella & Sleeping Beauty are awesome but not the Alice in the Wonderland. In my memories, in this fairytale, I can imagine having a small cottage, a spacious green hill, and a tree as background, not a macro focus on the “teacup” roller-coaster?? And Beyonce should be more suitable for Anastasia/ Aladdin role than a blonde Alice!

  7. I agree that all the pictures were fantastic except Alice in Wonderland. I don’t think it’s a question of Alice being a little blonde girl. I think it’s a matter of Beyonce’s personality not fitting that of Alice. She’s too bold. She doesn’t portray the innocence and naiveté of Alice. I think someone much younger or much newer to Hollywood would’ve been a better choice. As for Oliver Pratt and Lyle Lovett, great choices.

  8. I Love all three pictures, even the Alice because it’s not literal it’s fantasy…wasn’t that Walts dream in the first place? I just want to know where do I purchase????

  9. There is one with Federer as King Arthur pullin the sword in the stone – does anybody have this picture? It’s wonderful!

  10. I love Cinderella, Aladin and Jasmine, Snow White, and Prince Philip (and the people who modeled them) but not Alice, she needs to be blonde (maybe Hilary Duff would be best)(not Beyonce) but i do like that they are having some wierd teacup party(needs the chesire cat.
    I would like to see The Little Mermaid(modeled by Isla Fisher), Sleeping Beauty (modeled by Anna Kournikova or Heidi Klum) and The Jungle Book(modeled by Wilmer Valderrama).

    Could do some villians also!

    I would love to buy framed prints. Where are they available?

    Keep up the great work!

  11. All I have to say to all of you negative people is… what happened to your fun and innocent side? Personally, I absolutely LOVE all of the newest celebrity ads that Disney has come up with. I think they are fun and in no way creepy. I also think that the casting for the roles was done exceptionally well. Disney purposelly chose actors that disn’t look exactlyl ike the original Disney character. This makes it even more exciting and fun. Choosing characters like Dakota Fanning to play Alice would have made the ad predictable, constant, and most of all boring. Shame on all of you who want to take the fun out of being a kid and take the fun out of Disney. Disney, great job!!!!!!!

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  16. Amazing, Simply Amazing. I love all the images.I just hate that people are questioning who Anne Leibovitz’s chooses as her portrayals. She is the designer and her works are phenomenal. If ya really don’t like it then become a Photographer and make you’re own Disney Pics.

  17. i love Disney cartoons and i think this was is an amazing ad campaign.But i agree, Beyonce doesn’t work as Alice and would have probably made a better Pocahontas and Biel a better Alice..but think Federer, Beckham, Johannson and Weisz are perfect..i love the ads, think they are brilliant..but they should be more easily available….but all in all, great work Disney…

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  20. these pics are beautiful and seeem so real…and larger than life…i think annie is trully creative and has an amazing imaginary power…..

  21. BELLE! from beauty and the beast! or beauty and the beast together! who would make a good belle? hm….uhm..maybe alexis bledel? no, too young looking. any ideas? someone youngish, fresh, and pretty. no sex-kitten people, like angelina jolie or megan fox.…

  22. NExt up they do Hercules(Vin Diesel), Mulan(Lucy Liu, Tarzan(Orlando Bloom), and maybe even the Hunchback of Notre Dame(Shakira as Esmeralda)

    Those are just my opinions though, feel free to respond if you have an opinion

    I hope Anne keeps up with the Disney portrait series:)

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