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Behind the scenes photos of Annie Leibovitz Dream Photo shoot

Disney has now released some behind the scenes photos that reveal the preparation and detail that goes into making Annie Leibovitz’s celebrity photos so magical. I’ve put most of them below the cut but it’s hard to resist letting this photo of Jessica Biel shine. Ah… 7th Heaven indeed.


More photos of Jessica, plus Whoopi, Gisele B√ľndchen, and Mikhail Baryshnikov below.

Previously: Latest Photos from Disney and Leibovitz – 1/24/08 (Photos courtesy and copyright Disney. Mark Schafer/Disney Parks, photographer)

A couple photos of Jessica Biel getting her costume and make up worked on. She and Leibovitz appear to be checking out the digital proofs on one.



Whoopi Goldberg giving a whole new meaning to the term Bad Hair Day. Plus zoom in on those Tattoos. Who knew Whoopi was a biker-gal.




Lastly a very pretty shot of super model Gisele Bundchen and then one of her and Mikhail Baryshnikov looking very cute together.



I hope you enjoyed this recent series. I hope we see even more from Leibovitz and Disney. It’s been one of the best parts about the Year Of A Million Dreams promotion.

(Photos courtesy and copyright Disney. Mark Schafer/Disney Parks, photographer)