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john frost

Dispatch from Disneyland now exclusively on Amazon

For the 2015 holiday season we’re proud to announce that Dispatch from Disneyland – Stories and Essays from the Happiest Place on Earth is available exclusively on You’re now able to purchase the book in print for less than $10, on Kindle for less… Read More »Dispatch from Disneyland now exclusively on Amazon

Dispatch from Disneyland – New Reviews

A few more reviews of “Dispatch from Disneyland: Stories and Essays from The Happiest Place on Earth” have been published this last week. From my point of view, it’s great to see readers understanding my intent behind the book. I hope you will see something… Read More »Dispatch from Disneyland – New Reviews

The Job Search Adventure continues

I’m approaching the end of my first month on the job hunt. Like the American Adventure, I know there’s a Golden Dream of a job out there for me. In fact, I’ve had a number of great interviews and still have some wonderful opportunities ahead… Read More »The Job Search Adventure continues

Some personal news and a request for your help

This week my position at Give Kids The World (GKTW) was eliminated after a series of tough budget decisions. This move was indicative of the difficult situation nonprofits find themselves in these days. GKTW is singularly focused on making dreams come true for children battling… Read More »Some personal news and a request for your help