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Some personal news and a request for your help

This week my position at Give Kids The World (GKTW) was eliminated after a series of tough budget decisions. This move was indicative of the difficult situation nonprofits find themselves in these days. GKTW is singularly focused on making dreams come true for children battling life-threatening illnesses whose one wish is to visit Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, or Universal Orlando. That was something I identified with very much and it was a privilege to work there.

You may have read The Disney Blog for years and not known I worked at GKTW because I kept a wall between the two at the request of work. That said, my network of Disney fans and webmasters have been nothing but supportive of GKTW and I know they will continue to be.

How you can help

I’ve been very busy polishing my resume, updating my online social networking sites, and looking at job listings. I have already identified a handful of jobs that I am well qualified for and have sent in resumes. However, that is just part of the strategy.

According to Department of Labor statistics nearly 50% of new positions are found through friends, business contacts, and relatives. Less than 10% are found via online job advertisements. So I am counting on you to help me reach that half of open positions I just can’t target via online searches.

I invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn, Facebook, and/or Emurse. This allows me to reach out if I need a referral or reference. If you have a few minutes to review my resume (see Emurse link), offer suggestions, or help me refine my job search, please contact me via email.

There is a very high rate of unemployment right now, however I am confident I have the ability to make an immediate positive impact to a company’s bottom line and will quickly find a new full time position. In the meantime I am open to writing, freelance, or consulting gigs. Of course, I’m continuing to work on my personal website network too.

I would be very appreciative if you could recommend me for any open positions you are aware of in the Orlando area. As my resume summary states, I am a knowledge worker, writer, marketer, and technology expert able to clearly communicate ideas and goals while working under deadlines. I have experience as a CRM Database Manager, Online Sales & Marketing Manager, Online Community Manager, and Social Media Professional. I would add that I am a flexible fast learner able to pick up new software or job knowledge swiftly.

I am maintaining a realistic, but positive outlook. Perhaps this is an opportunity to move into a new industry or tap back into some long held skills. Job searching is a full time job in itself and I intend to keep very busy until I find one.

Thank you so much for your support,

John Frost
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @JohnFrost