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Dispatch from Disneyland now exclusively on Amazon


5booksFor the 2015 holiday season we’re proud to announce that Dispatch from Disneyland – Stories and Essays from the Happiest Place on Earth is available exclusively on You’re now able to purchase the book in print for less than $10, on Kindle for less than $5, or even read the book for free as part of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program for Amazon Prime members.

Dispatch From Disneyland is a collection of stories, essays, and interesting facts written for those who love Walt Disney’s original theme park, but don’t have the good fortune of visiting the park as often as they wish.

Inspired by the park that Walt built, Dispatch from Disneyland takes readers on a “you are there” emotional journey to Disneyland via the power of story. Each “dispatch” is meant to bring the reader to a place that reminds them of the magic they feel when at the park themselves.

Also included are a collection of essays and interesting facts that help make Disneyland the number one destination for Disney fans around the globe.

With the holidays coming up, this makes the book the perfect gift for any Disney fan on your list.