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  • Fact-Checking Saving Mr. Banks
    Fact-Checking Saving Mr. Banks

    I was finally able to get out and see Saving Mr. Banks over the weekend and very much enjoyed the film (especially the 2nd half). Like many a Disney fan I enjoyed seeing how the film got the little touches right. Like how Walt was known for coughing as he…

  • Walt’s Secretaries
    Walt’s Secretaries

    Yesterday was Administrative Professional Appreciation day. Back in the day that was called Secretaries day. The Walt Disney Family Museum has the most comprehensive piece on Walt’s Secretaries I’ve ever read. Compiled by the amazing Jim Korkis, this is today’s must read article. Here is the official list of Walt’s…

  • Swan and Dolphin Hotels, Urban Legend Explained
    Swan and Dolphin Hotels, Urban Legend Explained

    In a great piece of history telling, Yesterland dives into the urban myth that the iconic sculptures for the Swan and Dolphin hotels were accidentally incorrectly placed by the construction helicopter during construction leading to a forced name change for each hotel. After all, why would the Dolphin Fish be…

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