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Walt’s Secretaries

Yesterday was Administrative Professional Appreciation day. Back in the day that was called Secretaries day. The Walt Disney Family Museum has the most comprehensive piece on Walt’s Secretaries I’ve ever read. Compiled by the amazing Jim Korkis, this is today’s must read article.

Here is the official list of Walt’s secretaries, although I have documentation that others assisted at various times. There were often times when Walt had two secretaries at the same time.

Lillian Bounds: 1924-25, 1928; Gerrie Gilson/Lucille Benedict: 1929; Carolyn Shafer Churchill: 1930-34; Dolores Voght Scott: 1930-65; Tommie Laurine Wilck: 1958-66; Lucille Martin: 1965-66.

Walt’s first official secretary was Lillian Bounds, whom he would later marry.

As I have family who worked for Walt Disney, I heard a few stories of my own about Walt’s secretaries. His secretary used to act as both gatekeeper and enabler for Walt. Walt used to keep an office at Disneyland located above the Market House on Main Street. Although no alcohol was sold in the parks, his secretary would store some in the Market House. When he asked for a cup, she would run down stairs and grab some.

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  2. Wow! I’ll never look at the Market House the same again. What I mean is, I will look upon it with reverence because his office was there!

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