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its a small world holiday

11 Fun Facts about “it’s a small world” Holiday

Four out of five mall Santas agree, “It’s a small world” holiday is a must-do on your visit to Disneyland while the park is transformed to the Merriest Place on Earth. The overlay is installed specially ever year and shares the traditions and holidays of… Read More »11 Fun Facts about “it’s a small world” Holiday

Disneyland’s ‘it’s a small world’ Holiday 2018 edition

Disneyland really lights up around the holidays. One of the most memorable holiday attractions has to be “it’s a small world” Holiday which decorates its iconic facade with thousands of twinkling lights and changes over its interior to reflect the distinctive holiday traditions celebrated by… Read More »Disneyland’s ‘it’s a small world’ Holiday 2018 edition

A Very Special Tribute to It’s A Small World


Today is the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney’s classic attraction “it’s a small world.” To celebrate, I would like to share with you a story set in the famed attraction when it’s in its most twinkly phase at Disneyland – “It’s a Small World Holiday.” This piece was originally published in “Dispatch From Disneyland” my new book about the Happiest Place on Earth. But I’m happy to republish it on the blog today in honor of this great attraction.

Each year Disneyland transforms the classic “It’s a Small World” attraction into a holiday treat featuring the familiar dolls in holiday scenes and combining the classic song with Jingle Bells and Deck the Halls. “It’s a Small World Holiday” opens in early November and a ride on it early in the season is sure to get anyone in the holiday mood.

But sometimes …

It’s A Small World Holiday Nightmare

Dark was the night when our ship set to sea
With twelve lucky guests whose limits were to be
Tested and pulled to the ends of their rope
By singing and dancing dolls of good hope.

Our captain did load us too heavy a’stern
I questioned, but he said, “Go ahead, it’s your turn.”
So onward we went with our boat riding low
Nearly taking on water as it rocked to and fro’.

Thus did our journey start out that night
Toward a kaleidoscope building – a marvelous sight.
A rainbow of lights shimmered like twinkling rivets
And together they told of holiday spirits.

Inside the grand building were hundreds of children
Singing Christmas jingles like tiny little pitchmen.
They sang to a beat ever joyous and merry
“‘Tis the season of joy, so you better be wary.”

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Dispatch From Disneyland: it’s a small world holiday nightmare

“Dispatch from Disneyland: Stories and Essays from the Happiest Place on Earth” contains more than 25 beautiful stories and essays about Walt’s original park and one cautionary tale of terror. Are you brave enough to enter “it’s a small world holiday nightmare”? If you’ve been… Read More »Dispatch From Disneyland: it’s a small world holiday nightmare