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Disneyland’s ‘it’s a small world’ Holiday 2018 edition

Disneyland really lights up around the holidays. One of the most memorable holiday attractions has to be “it’s a small world” Holiday which decorates its iconic facade with thousands of twinkling lights and changes over its interior to reflect the distinctive holiday traditions celebrated by children from around the world.

This is the 22nd year to see the holiday version with all its dolls and toys and a chance to reflect on its importance with Joe Peters, Technical Director, Disney Parks Live Entertainment.

“The holiday version of this Disneyland classic debuted in 1997, and I’ve had the pleasure of working on it since the first transformation 22 seasons ago,” said Peters. “Every year, it brings me so much joy to watch the first guests hurry over to be amongst the first to ride ‘it’s a small world’ Holiday. The most emotional experience is watching guests gasp in awe as they marvel at the exterior of the attraction, just as the sun sets and the lights come on. I never get tired of watching their reactions. I am reminded each time how lucky I am to do what I do.”

“This year, be sure to look for the new gingerbread archway in the European scene of “it’s a small world” Holiday,” added Peters. “The arch is adorned with an adorable gingerbread boy and girl and oversized candy canes. And the finale room is more vibrant than ever with a new color palate and LED lights on the greeting signs this year.”

Thanks to LaughingPlace we have a video of the 2018 edition of the classic holiday attraction:

I love the “A Christmas Fantasy” parade music in the background as the ride starts. One of my favorite Disney parade soundtracks, even if it’s a pretty short loop.

Is a ride on “it’s a small world holiday” a part of your holiday tradition at Disneyland?

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  1. While I’m not a big fan of the Haunted Mansion Holiday overlay (it doesn’t add anything to the iconic attraction), I really enjoy the It’s a Small World Holiday overlay. I wish they’d bring it to Florida, as I feel it’s a nice addition to the attraction that doesn’t take away from the classic parts of the attraction.

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