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International Posters for Pixar’s Inside Out


I’m really loving these retro-modern character designs for the French poster for Pixar’s Inside Out. It’s also the first time that the silhouette head was of Riley’s, the young girl in the film. The French title of the movie as “Vice-Versa” is also pretty neat. I think that would have made a great title of the film in the US too.

The Japan poster ditches the stylized characters, but keeps the shape of Riley’s head.


If you missed the trailer, you can watch it here and read Peter’s analysis.

Full synopsis below the jump:

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Brave International Posters and Trailer

I’m always fascinated to see how Disney chooses to market its films to non-US audiences. Frequently it’s completely different material than what we see. With Pixar’s Brave we’re seeing a few really interesting takes.

Some cultures it might be hard to sell a movie with a female protagonist, so they’ve gone a little macho. Here’s a recently released poster for Italy:

Notice the distance between Merida and her family. Here is another version which makes the movie look like it’s about a war.

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