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Instapic: Fastpass+ Sign at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

from Instagram: A sign at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad tries to answer frequently asked questions about Fastpass+. Didn’t help. There were still people in the FP+ queue with no fastpass. One on hand Disney needs to be able to design a system that’s simple enough… Read More »Instapic: Fastpass+ Sign at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Instapic: #BringToDisney

from Instagrama: While traveling through airports this summer, I spotted this fabulous drink fountain with a water bottle refill station and wondered, why the heck hasn’t Disney installed these things everywhere? I’m always refilling my water bottle at fountains, which is not optimal (just try… Read More »Instapic: #BringToDisney

Instapic: Floating Rocks?

from Instagram: Signs of serious construction over in Avatar-land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. These are ‘floating’ rocks. I wasn’t able to get a picture of it, but they’ve also started to enclose the showbuilding for the Banshee motion-simulator attraction (rumored to be similar to Soarin’).

Instapic: Guess where I am?

from Instagram: This giant vinylmation Mickey is found in the Disney Atrium inside the Amyway Center in Downtown Orlando. Hope to the Orlando Magic, Solar Bears, and Predators. There are often great concerts or other events in town that might make for a perfect evening… Read More »Instapic: Guess where I am?

Instapic: DisneyQuest Elongated Coins

from Instagram: Stopped by the DisneyQuest gift store and these Pressed Pennies were only souvenirs I could find with DisneyQuest logo. Might soon be rare collectibles if The NBA Experience moves into the building as part of the Disney Springs makeover.