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Instapic: #BringToDisney

from Instagrama:

While traveling through airports this summer, I spotted this fabulous drink fountain with a water bottle refill station and wondered, why the heck hasn’t Disney installed these things everywhere? I’m always refilling my water bottle at fountains, which is not optimal (just try to get a full bottle or one that’s cold), or asking for free ice water from soda fountain locations and then pouring those into my water bottle, which is a waste of a cup. If I could use one of these instead, it would make life much easier. Plus it would encourage recycling and reuse and all that good for the environment stuff that Disney likes to preach about. Sure, they wouldn’t make as much money selling bottled water, but think of all the great tumblr blogs tracking the various themed designs Disney Imagineers come up with.

Some have mentioned they wouldn’t use it because the water at Disney tastes bad, but that’s just an opportunity for Disney to sell Mickey Mouse themed reusable filtered water bottles. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Instapic: #BringToDisney”

  1. If the water tasted good it would be so environmentally wonderful…but if it is just Florida (yuck!) water, forget it. We use ice from the hotel to fill up aluminum water bottles that we bring from home….saves buying bottled water all day and tastes fine since the ice from the hotels is filtered.

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