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Instapic: Fastpass+ Sign at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

from Instagram:

A sign at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad tries to answer frequently asked questions about Fastpass+. Didn’t help. There were still people in the FP+ queue with no fastpass. One on hand Disney needs to be able to design a system that’s simple enough it doesn’t need signs like this. On the other, Fastpass+ has been around for around 2 years. That’s enough time for guests to do a little investigation before arriving at the parks. Perhaps Disney needs to do more ‘pre-arrival’ awareness, so these guests aren’t left out.

What do you think explains the fact that some guests just don’t get Fastpass+?

3 thoughts on “Instapic: Fastpass+ Sign at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad”

  1. The Fastpass concept is the best way to get the most guests to enjoy more of Disney World. On the downside, most folks like to be spontaneous on vacation, and that makes for great memories. With two years under DW belt the process will get better, smoother.

  2. Are you kidding? They do so much pre-awareness!

    When you book your package, every agent (or online) directs you to the My Disney Experience app or page. You get sent emails and a fridge magnet. There’s a video that explains all of this.

    They mail you the magic bands with another explanation.

    What else can/should they do?

    People don’t want to get it.

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