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Instapic: Classic Coaster

The lobby of Disney’s Boardwalk Inn is home to a beautiful miniature model of a 1895-era wooden roller coaster. The ‘Flip Flap Railway’ was built at Sea Lion Park at Coney Island. It was the world’s first inverted coaster. Disney’s own Imagineers likely built this… Read More »Instapic: Classic Coaster

Instapic: The Donald

from Instagram: On May 1st 1947 the University of Oregon was granted the rights to use Donald Duck as its official mascot and insignia. Later, after some mascot hijinks Disney believed unbecoming of Donald Duck, the University agreed to change the look of the… Read More »Instapic: The Donald

Instapic: Castle Close Up

from Instagram: Some times it’s a matter of changing one’s perspective to see how amazing Walt Disney World really is. This photo of Cinderella Castle was snapped from the top of the walk-way looking almost straight up.

Instapic: Top of 2015

via Instagram Eight of my nine most popular Instagram images are from the Magic Kingdom. Maybe I need to get around more or y’all just love the MK. If you’d like to follow us on social media you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,… Read More »Instapic: Top of 2015