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Hurricane Forecast Revised Upward

The hurricane prediction team has revised its forecast for the 2012 season that began yesterday. Previously, they believed there would be 10 named storms, with 3 major storms. Now they have upped that number to 13. Considering there have already been 2 storms this year,… Read More »Hurricane Forecast Revised Upward

Hurricane Irene tracking away from Florida

According to latest National Hurricane Center forecasts Hurricane Irene is tracking east away from Florida. This is likely the last update I’ll make, unless the storm tacks westward, in which case I’ll be back like a bad penny. Already, there are two more potential disturbances… Read More »Hurricane Irene tracking away from Florida

Keep an eye on Irene – Storm Could Strike Orlando this week

Update2: As of the 11AM update, Irene has hurricane status and is continuing its eastward drift. That’s good news for the Florida peninsula. However, Irene will pick up strength as it travels over warm waters, strong winds and rain could still slash across the state,… Read More »Keep an eye on Irene – Storm Could Strike Orlando this week

Hurricane Watch for Walt Disney World

It’s plenty windy today around Walt Disney World, but this is nothing compared to what a Hurricane could bring to the area. Hurricane season doesn’t technically wrap up until the end of November and Hurricane Ida has just entered the Gulf of Mexico. The storm… Read More »Hurricane Watch for Walt Disney World

Cypress Gardens Closes

I really hoped that Cypress Gardens could make it. But even in the best economic climate it wouldn’t have been easy. So it was not a shock to learn today that the historic attraction has closed its doors. After a turbulent last few years, Cypress… Read More »Cypress Gardens Closes

SeaWorld Orlando Cares For Turtle Hatchlings

Brace yourself for the cutest Caretta caretta you’ve ever seen. Aquarists at SeaWorld Orlando are providing round-the-clock care for three endangered loggerhead sea turtle hatchlings (aka the Caretta caretta) this week. Park rangers in Cape Canaveral, FL transported the reptilian refugees to SeaWorld after rough… Read More »SeaWorld Orlando Cares For Turtle Hatchlings

Walt Disney World is declared StormReady

We’re still a few months away from Hurricane season, but preparation for storms is always ongoing at Walt Disney World. Disney has a “Hurricane Policy” (not yet updated for 2009) for their Magic Your Way Guests whose vacation might be affected by a severe storm, but what else do they do?

With picture-perfect skies outside his window most days, Walt Disney World Emergency Operations Coordinator Eric Alberts dedicates his time to preparing for inclement weather. “Safety for everybody that works or stays here is our top priority,” Alberts says as he checks the latest forecasts.

By expertly planning for severe weather in advance, Walt Disney World Resort made history in 2006 as the first theme park and resort area to be recognized by the National Weather Service as a StormReady® Community. Committed to maintaining its leadership in emergency management, Walt Disney World Resort just renewed its StormReady status through 2012 and remains the only recognized commercial site in Florida. Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, Ca. has also earned recognition as StormReady.

Read More »Walt Disney World is declared StormReady