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FEMA sets up HQ in Orlando

WDSU has already moved its Television Studio to Orlando, now FEMA is following suit setting up its base of operations there. This means getting an extended stay apartment or even a hotel room for your Disney World vacation is going to be a bit more difficult now. I also expect to see refugees moving into the area looking for work, lodging, and aid.

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SeaWorld takes in Hurricane Evacuees

Despite being known as one of the world’s best sea animal themeparks, SeaWorld’s primary mission is conservation. To that end they’re always there to assist animals in need and Hurricane Katrina was no exception. Right now SeaWorld Orlando is housing 8 refugee sea lions from evacuated aquariums. If you’re looking to provide some assistance to… Read More »SeaWorld takes in Hurricane Evacuees

Disney Film Productions forced to evacuate New Orleans

The LA Times has a report on two Disney film productions that evacuated New Orleans ahead of Hurricane Katrina. The productions, staring Denzel Washington and Kevin Costner separately, are awaiting word from authorities on when it will be okay for their return. Hurricane Katrina was a powerful storm that has caused massive damage and disruption… Read More »Disney Film Productions forced to evacuate New Orleans

Water Mania to close

Water Mania, a family owned water park near Disney World and across from Celebration, FL, has announced they have been bought and will close on September 5th. The price must have been right, because despite the loss of a major water slide in last year’s hurricanes, this has been a good year for the water… Read More »Water Mania to close

Hurricane Katrina passes Mickey by

You can never really tell what a hurricane will do, it creates its own weather patterns. But for now, it appears that Katrina is taking a westerly path and will spare Orlando and the Disney World area any real damage. There have been no closures announced and as far as I know, everything remains open… Read More »Hurricane Katrina passes Mickey by

Disney World and Hurricane Katrina

Looks like Florida is about to get hit by its second hurricane force storm this year. That’s two with the whole months of September and October to go. Hurricane Katrina, if the storm reaches 75 MPH sustained winds, is currently forecast to stay well south of the central Florida attraction area including the Walt Disney… Read More »Disney World and Hurricane Katrina

Disney World & Hurricane Dennis

Looks like Disney World and Central Florida’s other attractions will escape the brunt of Hurricane Dennis. We’re officially outside the cone of probability and Dennis is two days away. That said, we’re on its eastern side and the landing zone keeps moving east. Plus storms this size do tend to create their own weather like… Read More »Disney World & Hurricane Dennis

Send a dolphin some love

The Orlando Sentinel has a story recounting Marineland’s tale of woe. Once the pride of the Florida Marine Animal Attractions, the park has suffered for the last few decades. Finally, Hurricane Frances dealt it a death blow. Or so it seems. Now new investors are hoping to turn the park around and make it a… Read More »Send a dolphin some love