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Agent Carter Recap: Episode 6 – A Sin to Err

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Things are continuing to pick up in this weeks Agent Carter. The episode begins with Thomson, Dooley and Carter interrogating Dr. Ivchenko. Dooley wants to know about Leviathan but Carter is more concerned about the Black Widow Project – the Russian girls that have been… Read More »Agent Carter Recap: Episode 6 – A Sin to Err

Agent Carter Episode 4 Recap: The Blitzkrieg Button

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We’ve made to the half way point of the series. Interestingly, the main objective of the series, the search for Howard Stark’s stolen technology, is over. Which begs the question, what do the last four episodes have in store?

This week’s episode was once again, light on action, but still delivered two major reveals. The episode begins with the return of Howard Stark, who is still on the run. His normal hiding spots are now under surveillance so Peggy ends up letting him hide out in her apartment, you know, the one that doesn’t allow men inside in the building. This week we definitely got to see the more negative side of Stark’s personality, from the way he seduced all of the ladies on Peggy’s hall, to how he chose to lie to her about her mission.

Stark tells Peggy that one of his inventions, the Blitzkrieg Button, has been turned on and, if activated, will cause the entire city of New York to black out. Of course, he’s the only one who can disarm it so he needs her to bring it to him.

In the midst of this, we are introduced to Mr. Mink, who attempts to capture Peggy and Jarvis. The writers clearly wanted us to think that he was going to be the big villain of the piece, which makes what happens later more shocking.Read More »Agent Carter Episode 4 Recap: The Blitzkrieg Button

Agent Carter Recap: Episode 3 – Time and Tide


What this week’s episode lacks in action, it makes up for in character. After an announcement made by Peggy’s new landlady, she gets the idea to investigate the hole beneath Howard Stark’s safe to see if she can figure out how our mystery man broke in.

Just before she and Jarvis plan to make their way down to the safe, Thompson and Souza show up at the door. They’re investigating Stark’s license plate that was found in the wreckage of last week’s implosion. Because Stark is on the run, Jarvis is the number one suspect and is brought into SSR custody for interrogation.

Jarvis lies, claiming that Stark’s car was stolen that he reported it a few days earlier. In the SSR office, Peggy takes a figurative bullet for Javis when she claims that she lost the stolen car report, allowing Jarvis to go free putting her in hot water with her superiors.

However, it is revealed during the interrogation that, during the war, Jarvis was charged with treason and dishonorably discharged.

Back at her apartment, Peggy is getting ready to meet Jarvis when Angie shows up at the door. She tries to turn Angie away politely, but Angie is hurt non-the-less. As they leave her apartment, their landlady walks by and introduces them to her new tenant: Dorothy “Dottie” Underhill. Some people in the fan community think that Angie shouldn’t be trusted, but my money is on Dottie. This is the only scene that she’s in (clearly anyway) and I don’t think they introduced her for no reason. There’s more to her story.Read More »Agent Carter Recap: Episode 3 – Time and Tide

Marvel’s Agent Carter Sneak Peek, Plus we meet the original Jarvis

In the Iron Man series Jarvis is Tony Stark’s computer driven personal agent. Eventually Jarvis becomes integral to the suit and perhaps something a bit more in future Avengers movies. In the comics Jarvis stands for – Just A Rather Very Intelligent System. But what… Read More »Marvel’s Agent Carter Sneak Peek, Plus we meet the original Jarvis