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High School Musical

Disney’s El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood

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The El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood is the pinnacle of the Disney movie watching experience.  It is old Hollywood meets new, with restorations to both the exterior and interior, and equipped with Dolby SR-D digital sound, film and digital projectors, and 3-D capability. It is… Read More »Disney’s El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood

High School Musical Winner to get Disney Contract

The winning contestant of Disney’s “High School Musical: Get In The Picture” reality TV contest will get a small contract (2 songs) with Disney and a chance to audition to become featured talent in a future show. One of the songs will be featured as… Read More »High School Musical Winner to get Disney Contract

High School Musical 3 Poster is released

The third, but not the final High School Musical movie will be coming to theaters everywhere this October 24th. Here’s the first poster released for the film to whet your appetite. Are you ready for your Senior Year?

High School Musical 4 – plans are underway!

The Hollywood Reporter quotes Disney Channel Worldwide chief Rich Ross as confirming that they are already working on the script for the fourth film in the franchise. Yep, you read that right. Rehearsals for filming have barely gotten underway on HSM3, but they’re obviously confident… Read More »High School Musical 4 – plans are underway!

High School Musical Roundup – Countdown to 3!

If you missed the news, rehearsals have commenced for High School Musical: Senior Year and filming is set to begin in April on the third and final (? – Vanessa doesn’t think so) movie of The Disney Channel’s breakout hit.

A huge casting search has found three new young stars to join the cast of HSM3 as sophomore "Wildcats" – Matt Prokop, Justin Martin, and Jemma McKenzie-Brown got the call.

GossipGirls note the busy schedule that these future stars will be keeping as fame calls. Just look at Ashley Tisdale’s life.

Meanwhile Zac Efron appeared on Access Hollywood and he talks about his decision to return to the High School Musical franchise for the fans sake.

Remember HSM3 is going to skip The Disney Channel and open in regular movie theaters this time around. Opening day is October 24, 2008. News on the premiere as soon as I hear it, I promise.

Finally, someone has collected a few pictures of Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale (with her dog Maui) and Lucas Grabeel arriving for rehearsals for High School Musical 3 and put them in a video. I’ve embedded it below the cut for you.

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Morning Round Up – July 17th

True High School Musical fans know that it wasn’t Zac Efron’s voice on the soundtrack for the first film. Instead Drew Seeley was asked to lay down the tracks for the final version. Apparently Zac was surprised by the change when he saw the initial release. With a role in Hairspray (and shortly in Footloose)… Read More »Morning Round Up – July 17th

Morning Round Up – July 16

Ratatouille cooked up another $18 million with third place at the box office this weekend bringing its domestic total to $143 million. It’s also the highest rated film of the year in movie critic polls. But will that be enough to earn it a best picture Academy Award? In this short interview Animation master John… Read More »Morning Round Up – July 16