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Morning Round Up – July 16

  • Ratatouille cooked up another $18 million with third place at the box office this weekend bringing its domestic total to $143 million. It’s also the highest rated film of the year in movie critic polls. But will that be enough to earn it a best picture Academy Award?
  • In this short interview Animation master John Lasseter reveals his thoughts on focus groups, the state of animation today, and his role as Chief Creative Officer of Walt Disney Animation Studios.
  • Confusion reigns in Anaheim over the proposed housing project that would be located inside the Anaheim Resort District. The city council is set to vote this Wednesday on stripping the special residential zoning it approved just a few months ago and the developer is attempting to postpone the vote. Disney and SOAR has already placed a measure on the ballot with enough popular support to overturn the Council’s earlier vote.
  • The Orlando Sentinel’s Tourism blog reveals a few more details on the addition of a permanent Jedi Academy stage at Disney-MGM Studios. Construction permits reveal the size (approximately two basketball courts) but not the location. Could this begin the rumored addition of a new land themed to the Star Wars properties?
  • Soccer fans in the Orlando area had better get used to seeing Chelsea FC blue. Disney has just announced a co-marketing plan that will make the United Kingdom Premier League team the official soccer team of the Wide World of Sports complex. The partnership will also help Chelsea become a better known brand around the world. I, for one, welcome our new UK football overlords.
  • Are you a fan of the ABC summer series ‘Traveler’? If so you’ve probably heard that it won’t be renewed. Well don’t take it sitting down, stand up and sign this petition to save the show. As of this posting it’s already at a whopping 9 votes.
  • The debut of High School Musical 2 in August sounds like it will be quite an event. Better cancel bowling night and mark August 17th on your calendar right now. 
  • Disney Movie Club members should be cautious this week as they were the latest targets in a Credit Card Scam. Sounds like their personal information was up for bid on the black market, but supposedly no numbers were inappropriately used.
  • The Starliner finally managed to open on Friday. It drew long lines and mostly positive reviews. Don’t go expecting Superman, but it’s a great classic out-and-back wooden roller coaster with some fairly high speed drops. There are about 166 wooden coasters left in the world with 4 of them in Florida.