Disney, as you know, is in the Coke camp. The Busch themeparks serve Pepsi. Disneyland used to serve both colas depending on what venue you were in (The Golden Horseshoe was a Pepsi joint). Well, with the proliferation of the Long Tail causing Coke and Pepsi to invent new products like so much celluler division,
There's a new blog I've been reading that provides supercalifragilistic insight into the world of a walk-around Disney character at Disney World. She calls herself Lauren and here's an example of what happened one day when she played the part of Mary Poppins. I was Mary Poppins this morning at the Grand Floridian Resort breakfast
The Orlando Sentinel has a story recounting Marineland's tale of woe. Once the pride of the Florida Marine Animal Attractions, the park has suffered for the last few decades. Finally, Hurricane Frances dealt it a death blow. Or so it seems. Now new investors are hoping to turn the park around and make it a
We checked in a little before 9am and to our surprise were given FREE (since when does Disney do anything for free?) tickets to Disneyland! It was a media day and all guests of the 3 Disney hotels got surprise entry.The Honea's write about their experience on May 4th, when Disneyland was closed to the
I've never been to any of the Disney World resorts on Earth Day, but at Disneyland they hand out Jiminy Cricket Environmentality buttons to guests. However, that's the least Disney does to be earth aware all year long. Check out the DisneyHAND portion of the corporate website for more. One of the excellent projects supported
If you answer they roam the earth today. Then you are correct. LaughingPlace.com has captured rare footage of a completely untethered, unleashed, Dinosaur being introduced to the throngs of tourists at Disney's Animal Kingdom in Orlando. Don't worry it's not bioengineering, this Dinosaur won't break loose of its pen and eat the guests. No, Lucky