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My Life as Mary Poppins…

There’s a new blog I’ve been reading that provides supercalifragilistic insight into the world of a walk-around Disney character at Disney World. She calls herself Lauren and here’s an example of what happened one day when she played the part of Mary Poppins.

I was Mary Poppins this morning at the Grand Floridian Resort breakfast where I greet guests in the lobby before they are seated for their meal where four additional characters visit them at their table. Some children like to draw pictures of their favorite characters at home or at their table and give them to us as a gift which makes dining a bit more fun for the characters. Before our first set I was talking to the Mad Hatter from the film Alice in Wonderland about these pictures when he mentioned that he had never been given a child-drawn picture before because kids never thought to draw him. Without his knowing I began plotting with children in the lobby to overwhelm the Mad Hatter with their pictures. As children entered the restaurant I pulled them aside and asked them for a very important favor: "you see, my dear friend the Mad Hatter is just inside the restaurant and causing quite a commotion telling jokes and disrupting the peace. I had tea with him the other afternoon to teach him some manners but he insists that he is a fine gentleman and will not believe that he is as silly as I say. I have no way of proving how silly he truly is and really need your help. Could each of you children ask your server when you are seated for a piece of paper on which I want you to draw a picture of the Mad Hatter being absolutely ridiculous. When he comes to your table and is quite disruptive I want you to give him the picture that you have drawn. Later this afternoon when I have tea with him again I will ask him to pull out the pictures that you have given him and then he will see how silly he has become and he is sure to use his proper manners then. Oh what a clever plot we have devised. Will you be sure to help me and draw the silliest picture you can?"

(there’s more)

I particularly like this bit when she met Julie Andrew’s Lawyer too.

Update: Alas, Lauren appears to have made her diary private now. Too bad, it was good writing and great insight.

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