Tuesday night we made it over to Downtown Disney’s Marketplace to experience “T-Rex” the latest addition to the food and entertainment options. Lines were long, but moved fast as guests were entered into a virtual queue to wait for their tables. Inside the place was loud, but everything seemed surprisingly well run for the first night open to the public.

Disney has reported the latest death of a 12-year old girl to the state. The state agency responsible for theme parks is not expected to investigate. Here are some other incidents from Disney's two Water Parks that have been reported in the last few years:The most serious water-park incident reported to the state by Disney
Latest reports indicate that 48 passengers were on the two trains. Of those 15 were taken to the hospital with injuries. I've assembed this report from various people who were on the scene or heard about it from people who were there. But it seems a fairly likely scenario to me: California Screamin' was running