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When Did Dinosaurs Roam The Earth?

DakluckyIf you answer they roam the earth today. Then you are correct. has captured rare footage of a completely untethered, unleashed, Dinosaur being introduced to the throngs of tourists at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando.

Don’t worry it’s not bioengineering, this Dinosaur won’t break loose of its pen and eat the guests. No, Lucky the Dinosaur is the latest project from Imagineering and one that really brings back the Wow! feeling that Disney is known for. Here is an independant walking, interactive, audio-animatronic. The first of its kind to interact with guests on a daily basis at a themepark.

When you watch the videos (there are four great ones) be sure to listen for the great sound effects. For instance, everytime Lucky’s foot hits the ground you can hear the rumble.

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2 thoughts on “When Did Dinosaurs Roam The Earth?”

  1. What an incredible piece of technology. I was excited when I heard about it, and seeing it in action surpassed my expectations. But what an AWFUL show to accompany it! Putting aside the fact that the two handlers are beyond annoying, shouldn’t the first free-roaming audio-animatronic be interacting with the guests a little more? Isn’t it supposed to be capable of a whole assortment of neat things, like signing autographs? As it stands now, this feels like one of those cheesy Sea World shows where they get a walrus to wave at the audience, except Lucky’s the walrus.

    If Chester and Hester were to retire from this “show” fairly soon, I don’t think they’d be missed.

  2. Meet Lucky!

    De nieuwste generatie Audio Animatronics van Disney kan nu ook vrij rondlopen in de parken. In Disney’s Animal Kingdom loopt Lucky de dinosaurus; hij maakt grapjes met de gasten (je mag ’em zelfs aaien) en voert een kleine voorstelling op met Disney ca…

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