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First of Two New EPCOT Tram Loading Zones Opens

The transformation of EPCOT’s main entrance continues as part of the park’s larger transformation. In addition to new security checks on both sides of the monorail beam, there will be two separate tram loading zones. The first new tram loading zone is now open and… Read More »First of Two New EPCOT Tram Loading Zones Opens

Disney Cruise Line rated top Travel Brand of the Year in Harris Poll

The Harris Poll issues a yearly report tracking which travel service brands rank as the most brand equity for their respective industries. Over 78 travel brands are evaluated for traits such as customer service and loyalty as well as familiarity and quality. “Disney benefits from… Read More »Disney Cruise Line rated top Travel Brand of the Year in Harris Poll

Disney Store Offers Make-up Discount

If there is one thing about Disney’s merchandise program I’m constantly amazed at, it’s how they manage to screw up the limited edition merchandise events so frequently. If they didn’t have a brand with such a strong history, I don’t think people would put up… Read More »Disney Store Offers Make-up Discount

New Trend Same as the Old Trend

This morning in the Orlando Sentinel Jason Garcia compiled an informative look at the most recent trend to hit the Orlando area theme parks – interactivity. Let’s leave the debate as to whether guests actually desire this over passive entertainment while on their vacation aside… Read More »New Trend Same as the Old Trend

Not Everyone Likes Disney-Style ‘Guest’ Service

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Karen Stabiner asks in an opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times: What ever happened to being a plain old ‘customer’? I don’t know about your friends, but my friends never ask me to pay when they invite me over for a good time. "Guest" implies free, or at least it used to. Lately, "guest"… Read More »Not Everyone Likes Disney-Style ‘Guest’ Service