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Fallen Monorail Pilot Receives Tribute from Guests

The Orlando Sentinel has posted a very moving video of Austin Wuennenberg the monorail pilot killed in the tragic Sunday morning accident at Walt Disney World. The video was recorded just a few weeks ago when the Cimino family of Briton, Conn., took a ride in the nose cone with Austin.

In the video you see Austin doing the job he obviously loved so much and doing it very well. He interacted with, entertained, educated, and awarded the Cimino family, and especially one little boy whose dream Austin was making come true, with a memory that they will cherish forever.

Now the Cimino family has done the same for us. We get a chance to see Austin in his element and shining in his role of Monorail Pilot. It’s magical moments like this that helps set Walt Disney’s theme parks apart from any other. Austin was just doing what so many of his fellow cast members do so well. But it’s nice to have this as a tribute to the young pilot who died before he could make many more dreams come true as I’m sure he would have.

See the video and read the Cimino family’s story.

4 thoughts on “Fallen Monorail Pilot Receives Tribute from Guests”

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  2. A very nice tribute. My boss’ son was very good friends with Austin, and they are all going to miss him very very much. From what I heard, Austin was a very good guy, it’s nice to see a video of him touching the life of a young Disney guest.

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