Disney World Counter Service rolls out new table ‘reservation’ system

Normally you wouldn’t think of reserving a table at a counter service dining location, but that’s what many families do. They sit down and hold a spot while other members of their party go to order the food. This system has plagued many of Walt Disney World’s busiest locations for years leaving those more courteous or unable to save a spot wandering around looking for an open table. Finally, Disney has worked out a system to do something about it.

Inside four quick-service restaurants in the Magic Kingdom, Disney has begun restricting access — but guaranteeing seating — during particularly busy lunch rushes.

Under the controlled-access and -seating program, guests in certain Magic Kingdom counter-service restaurants are steered through a single entrance so workers can keep tabs on how many people are inside.

A greeter hands menus and steers the entire group to cash registers to place their orders. After they get their food, they are guided by another employee to an empty table.

In all honesty, this is something I’ve been hoping Disney would do for some time, but failed to see how they could implement it without ticking off those guests who just want to make sure they have a seat. Guaranteeing a seat solves that problem.

At Disneyland there are a couple counter service locations using the scramble buffet service (multiple locations each serving different types of entrees instead of one long line) that restrict entry to one point only and you don’t get in until there is room to be seated. That’s worked pretty well on the west coast. But as WDW has no real scramble buffet service, it wasn’t used here.

I hope to get out and see how this works in person soon. But in the meantime, if you have encountered it, please let us know down below and give us your analysis.

(via the Orlando Sentinel)