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New Jim Henson Book

It’s hard to believe it’s been 15 years since the untimely death of Jim Henson. The creator of the Muppets was more than just a genius creative type, he was a brilliant thinker and changed the way we see the world. This September Hyperion Books is releasing a new must-have folio — "It’s Not Easy… Read More »New Jim Henson Book

Pixar attractions at Disney themeparks

Luxo, the Pixar animation fan blog, has a indepth look at the Pixar presence in Disney themeparks. The story includes some great concept art for rides that are still on the drawing board and some that are rumored to have a greenlight. There’s even more Pixar domination; "Block Party" will be the new summer parade… Read More »Pixar attractions at Disney themeparks

Disney Lengthening PGA courses

For all you duffers out there who enjoy a round or two during your Disney World Vacation here’s news you’ll need to know. Disney is making significant changes to the Magnolia golf course, one of the courses used during the PGA’s October Funai Classic. The course, which was previously ranked the 6th easiest on the… Read More »Disney Lengthening PGA courses

Ever wonder?

Ever wonder what happened to Judson Green. He used to be the chairman of Walt Disney Attractions, the position Jay Rasula has now. He then left to become CEO of NAVTEQ the company for digital map information for automotive navigation systems, mobile navigation devices and Internet-based mapping. Now he’s joined the board of HDI, Harley-Davidson… Read More »Ever wonder?

National Review reviews The Incredibles

Most kids’ entertainment is about kids. Pixar movies are about adults. They show children what adults are supposed to do — to be brave and self-sacrificing, to defend children even at risk to themselves, to give even in the face of ingratitude. This is wise because, after all, children aren’t going to remain children. Just… Read More »National Review reviews The Incredibles

Pixar Product Placement

The Product Placement blog has details on deals made by Disney/Pixar to garner $150 million in sponsorship money for The Incredibles. That means it’s potentially profitable before it even makes it to the theatres.

Walt Disney World with a Bullet

Looks like some sour grapes from the folks at Universal Orlando and Seaworld. Instead of supporting a bullet train that will efficiently bring guests into the tourist region of Orlando allowing more time for said guests to spend money shopping, dining, etc., they are opposing… Read More »Walt Disney World with a Bullet

Sam McKim 1924-2004

It’s been reported in by multiple sources that one of Walt’s great Imagineers has passed on. Sam McKim Disney Artist reknown for his concept artwork on Main Street, the original Disneyland Guest Maps, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, and so much more is with us… Read More »Sam McKim 1924-2004