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Walt Disney World with a Bullet

Looks like some sour grapes from the folks at Universal Orlando and Seaworld. Instead of supporting a bullet train that will efficiently bring guests into the tourist region of Orlando allowing more time for said guests to spend money shopping, dining, etc., they are opposing the bullet train because it only stops at Disney World. Well, you can’t deny the fact that more guests visit the Orlando area for WDW than for the other two major destinations combined. They should be concentrating on making Lemonade from the lemons presented them. Lobby for a dedicated transportation route from the WDW station to their themeparks. This could be in the form of a special lane for busses on the road, traffic signals that turn green when these busses approach, or even a right away guarantee for a future light rail route to their parks. There is an opportunity here to make Orlando THE destination for tourists by making it the easiest place to get around.

Having a rail route that goes from your door to Disney’s door can never be a bad thing. Think of Orlando like a cluster of cells in the body. If fluids are overcrowding one cell, they will try and migrate to nearby cells to achieve a balance. Right now the cell walls are fairly impermeable. It requires a special ride that costs money (gas, taxi fare, bus fare) and time. Barriers that discourage finding a balance. Open up those barriers and the flow will start to even out.

I would like to point out how the competing resort companies in Las Vegas have agreed to work together to build their Monorail System. Its sole goal is to shuttle tourists from one resort to another. On crowded days this will have the effect of evening the attendance at the resorts. But it will also allow tourists to easily move to a location where something special is occuring. As this Monorail line expands to the airport and downtown it will pick up even more speed as a tourist redeployment plan. But first you had to build it. has more arguments in favor of the Bullet Train.