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Sam McKim 1924-2004

It’s been reported in by multiple sources that one of Walt’s great Imagineers has passed on. Sam McKim Disney Artist reknown for his concept artwork on Main Street, the original Disneyland Guest Maps, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, and so much more is with us no longer.

So many Disney Legends passing on lately. As someone posted on the boards, they must be building one hell of a themepark up there. Sam was one of my last ties to my grandfather, Vic Greene. Sam worked with Vic at the opening of the park and then in Burbank and Glendale for a while. I believe they worked together on planning for WDW too. Sam told me my grandfather was a good man, but a pain in the you-know-what to work for, I regret not having a sit down chat with Sam and getting all the stories out of him I could. Sam was inducted into the Disney Legends in 1996. I don’t know if he was scheduled for a Window on Main Street at Disneyland (he has one at WDW), but if not, someone should tell current management that it’s better late than never. Profile on Sam, Discussion on boards with lots of nice stuff written about Sam.