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Google Calendars for Disney fans from

Google does more than search, it provides free email, spreadsheets, word processors, photo storage, calendar and more. Even better each of those tools is extendable and customizable. has just made available three Google Calendars for Disney fans wanting to keep tracking of upcoming Disney… Read More »Google Calendars for Disney fans from

Google Troubles (again)

Just a quick note to let you know that somehow The Disney Blog’s rankings in the Google Index have been affected negatively since a few days ago. If you notice anything strange or different, please let me know so I can track this issue down.… Read More »Google Troubles (again)

The Rush to Online Video Partnerships

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Mike Shields at Media Week reports that NBC has entered a deal with Vmix Media,, which is compared to YouTube. Just as Viacom escalates its conflict with YouTube by saddling the Google-owned video site with a billion-dollar lawsuit, NBC has inked a partnership with VMIX Media, a broadband technology company that also operates the… Read More »The Rush to Online Video Partnerships

MirrorMask coming soon

The next film from The Jim Henson Company is Mirrormask based on Neil Gaiman‘s novel. It opens to limited release on September 30th, which means it will face some stiff competition from Joss Whedon’s Serenity. It’s going to be a touch choice for me on which to see first. Of course, the fact that Mirrormask… Read More »MirrorMask coming soon

Around the Horn on SaveDisney’s Announcement

A few choice quotes from around the horn: The revolt succeeded at the company’s annual meeting last year in Philadelphia, when 45 percent of the votes cast were withheld from Mr. Eisner and the board stripped him of his chairman’s title. Five months later, Mr. Eisner announced he would not renew his contract past 2006.New… Read More »Around the Horn on SaveDisney’s Announcement