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Around the Horn on SaveDisney’s Announcement

A few choice quotes from around the horn:

The revolt succeeded at the company’s annual meeting last year in
Philadelphia, when 45 percent of the votes cast were withheld from Mr.
Eisner and the board stripped him of his chairman’s title. Five months
later, Mr. Eisner announced he would not renew his contract past 2006.

New York Times

Chalk another one up for Bob Iger. The incoming Walt Disney CEO, who has been in overdrive cleaning up problems inherited from
departing CEO Michael Eisner, pulled a giant thorn from his outfit’s
hide July 8 by striking a surprise agreement with dissident
shareholders Roy Disney and Stanley Gold

Business Week

But Friday’s actions suggest that Iger, who has
already made some apparent progress in mending fences with other Disney
partners like Pixar chief Steve Jobs, continues to make progress in changing Disney’s once-standoffish reputation.


The two shareholders had led a protest aimed at ousting Eisner after several years of lackluster results and lagging performance at the ABC television network, among other issues. Last year, however, ABC’s fortunes have reversed thanks to hit shows like "Desperate Housewives" and "Lost."
CNN Money

And I have to say that WebproNews has the best headline for the story.
Roy Disney Wearing Mouse Ears Again

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