Short ones, Darhling! Barring the appearance of an Incredibles Animated TV show (and don't rule that out), the glow is off the movie and the DVD is up on the shelf. Still, one character shines through the mist of time and continues to show up high on the search terms used to find this site...
There is a small number of non-Disney hotels that Disney has allowed to operate on its property. Two were severely damaged by last years hurricanes, one is still closed for refurbishment, The Holiday Inn. It is preparing to reopen, however. So it has put special rates up on the internet. The only problem is the
Disney's stock is dropping, and I expect to drop some more before the next CEO is decided upon. Recent press releases have hinted that the hurricane trio that hit central florida have done more damage to the park's bottom line and future earnings than previously thought. Also Bob Iger has been stuck with the role
One thing I'm noticing is that the ad buys on Google Adwords is that suddenly all the Orlando based Attraction advertisers who were buying the Disney World keywords have been outbid by their cousins on the west coast. Perhaps thinking that readers will be more interested in a trip to Disneyland at this moment than