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More on Disney Store Licensing

CBS Marketwatch has an article with some more detail on the licensing of The Disney Store to The Children’s Place chain. This is the first time I’ve heard that analysts blame the profit-loss on inexperience at Disney. I think they’re wrong. Experience can be hired and absorbed. What got Disney Stores in trouble was the Consumer Products division deciding to undercut the Disney Stores effectiveness by selling similar product to Target and Walmart.

The story also suggests that Children’s Place thinks they can find some efficiencies in the manufacturing and production process almost immediately. To me this is double speak for ‘we think Disney Merchandise is too high quality and we’ll reduce that and save some money.’ This is going to make me even less interested in shopping at The Disney Store.

Obviously I think the Children Store should take a different path. One that involves a new product mix that rewards adult Disney fans, a line of well done collectible merchandise (not snow globes (but watches are okay)), and emphasize the Disney Magic (not the cruise ship, but the old training procedures).

I’m sure ya’ll have ideas and I’d love to read them in the comments below.

1 thought on “More on Disney Store Licensing”

  1. I think you are correct the problem isn’t that Disney products are too expensive, but rather me being a smart and on a budget I would buy from Walmart or Target for two reasons: 1)they are closer in location to me, I do not have to drive to the mall and 2nd the price is less as well.

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