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Baby Spice at WDW

Emma Bunton, Baby Spice, Spotted at Walt Disney World

Another celebrity sighting at Disney’s HollywoodStudios. Singer and U.K. radio presenter Emma Bunton, aka “Baby Spice” from the all-girl pop group The Spice Girls, visited on Sept. 25, 2012 and posted Goofy. The Spice Girls recently reunited to perform at the 2012 Summer Olympics closing… Read More »Emma Bunton, Baby Spice, Spotted at Walt Disney World

Instant Concert… Just Add Water is Fun Addition to DCA’s Entertainment Lineup

When World of Color’s fantastic water fountain infrastructure was added to Disney’s California Adventure there was speculation that they would do both a night and a day show. After wall, why install all that wonderful equipment and only use it once a night. It took awhile, but that speculation finally came true with the re-launch of DCA.

The Goofy Cartoon inspired “Instant Concert… Just Add Water” show is a fun addition to the park’s entertainment lineup. There are a couple different 5-minute length shows that play throughout the day by the water’s edge across the The Little Mermaid. Keep an eye out for them approximately hourly.

This video released by Disney gives you a little hint of what the show is like, without giving it all away. A nice touch.

A fan recorded version of another show is below the jump:

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Mickey Mouse Does Yoga With Two Small Guests

I’ve seen a lot of great interactions between Mickey Mouse and the guests who come to get their picture taken with him. This is the first time I’ve ever seen Mickey sit down on the floor and do Yoga poses with two children. It’s a very cute magical moment

I wonder if that moment would have been possible with the articulated talking Mickey Mouse they’ve been experimenting with.

Not to be outdone, Goofy has his own Magic Moment with a very adorable baby whose prone to laughter at Goofy’s antics.

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Disneyland T-Shirt Round Up

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I mentioned recently that there are some new t-shirts at Disneyland and I thought you would like to see them. I’m thoughtful like that.

These shirts were found in the Gag Factory shop in Toontown, Disneyland, USA, but knowing Disney I’m sure they are available throughout the parks.

Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald are the only characters that I have seen so far (pictured below). Does anyone know if there are more and/or more to come?Read More »Disneyland T-Shirt Round Up

The Barnstormer Featuring Goofy as The Great Goofini

Colorful entrance has a ticket book, since this is supposed to be part of a circus midway. Beautiful detail work and I love the hidden history carrying over the socks and pants from the old attraction.

Yes, That’s the full attraction name – The Barnstormer Featuring Goofy as The Great Goofini. Can someone check and see if that is the longest attraction name and can someone tell me what was wrong with Goofy’s Barnstormer. Which conveyed basically the same thing, and actually had a barn.

I’m actually quite happy with the upgrade, quibbles about the circus theme aside. However, I realized I posted an update to Storybook Circus about new posters in the land, but I had neglected to link to the original posters, which can be found in and around the Barnstormer queue. So let’s fix that right now.

I love these posters located around in in the queue. The Monkey is on all the posters. Apparently he does not have a name, so let’s have it fan community. What do we call the monkey?

Could this be a future attraction?

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