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Five Animated Disney TV Shows Ripe for Live-Action Remakes

With everything from Cinderella and Maleficent to Beauty and the Beast and The Sword in the Stone getting a live-action treatment for Disney, we’re becoming a bit worried around here that they’re going to run out of animated features to tap for remakes. But not… Read More »Five Animated Disney TV Shows Ripe for Live-Action Remakes

Movement on Disney Gargoyles Film, but not Good News for All

Variety reports that Disney has finally hired writers to work on the long rumored Gargoyles movie. Unfortunately fans of the Disney Afternoon Animated TV show of the same name will be disappointed. This project will have only a passing similarity to the cartoon series. David… Read More »Movement on Disney Gargoyles Film, but not Good News for All

Looking Stone Faced

The 2005 Gathering of the Gargoyles – the only floating convention by fans, for fans of Disney’s Gargoyles is about to invade Las Vegas. Yes, that Disney Afternoon Cartoon series that debuted in 1994 still has a posse. With a list of voice talent that reads like a Star Trek reunion (Michael Dorn, Nichelle Nichols,… Read More »Looking Stone Faced

Gargoyles Comic: The writer speaks…

Anyway… I’ll be the writer. THE ONLY WRITER. So those of you looking to trade me in for Joss Whedon or Neil Gaiman are SOL. Greg Guler will be the Art Director. He may not pencil every issue, but he’ll be making sure that every issue looks damn good. Marty, as usual, will handle the… Read More »Gargoyles Comic: The writer speaks…

Chasing after the teens

I don’t get to talk about comics as much as I’d like to because frankly, there hasn’t been much interesting there since the relaunch of the Donald Duck series two years ago. All that just changed with a recent announcement at Book Expo America. Disney announced a partnership with Slave Labor Graphics for a four… Read More »Chasing after the teens

Gargoyles, the first season on DVD

Disney has released the first season of their animated TV series Gargoyles on a Special Edition DVD. Apparently it’s a big hit. It’s Amazon DVD sales rank today is #144. I loved watching this show durings its first run. It thought it was smart, well voiced, and often beautifully drawn. Disney really did some of their best work during that Disney Afternoon phase. As my son grows up I hope figure out what they were doing then and capture some of that magic again. Until then this will just have to go on my wish list.

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