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Chasing after the teens

I don’t get to talk about comics as much as I’d like to because frankly, there hasn’t been much interesting there since the relaunch of the Donald Duck series two years ago. All that just changed with a recent announcement at Book Expo America. Disney announced a partnership with Slave Labor Graphics for a four title package. The titles are Haunted Mansion, Wonderland, Tron, and Gargoyles.

Yep, you read that right. Haunted Mansion is based on the themepark ride, not the movie (whew!). Gargoyles will be written by Greg Weisman, author of the original animated series. Wonderland is set in the Disney universe directly after the movie has ended (the closer this gets to Gaiman-esque the better, I say). Tron follows both the movie and game universe.

Disney is hoping this partnership with SLG will help them reach the teen and young adult market. I don’t qualify for either of those, but I think I’ll head down to my local comic book store and sign myself up for these. Titles should start appearing this October. (via Cory!)