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Movement on Disney Gargoyles Film, but not Good News for All

Variety reports that Disney has finally hired writers to work on the long rumored Gargoyles movie. Unfortunately fans of the Disney Afternoon Animated TV show of the same name will be disappointed. This project will have only a passing similarity to the cartoon series.

David Elliot and Paul Lovett are the writing duo that brought us that mega hit GI Joe: Rise of Cobra (ut-oh) who will now be working on a script for a ‘live-action’ Gargoyles. As Variety reports Disney is hoping this will become another franchise for them along the lines of Pirates.

If Disney really wants that, they need to make sure that they don’t stir up the hornets next of fans who are expecting something related to the show they remember so fondly. I’m not holding my breath.

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  7. Disney u shouldn’t just try to make a film u should also bring back the gargoyles animated series back on TV continuing the story with new story’s

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