Five Animated Disney TV Shows Ripe for Live-Action Remakes

With everything from Cinderella and Maleficent to Beauty and the Beast and The Sword in the Stone getting a live-action treatment for Disney, we’re becoming a bit worried around here that they’re going to run out of animated features to tap for remakes. But not to worry, Disney has another fountain of animation to tap – its animated TV series library.

Here are five Disney animated TV series that deserve their own Live-Action Remakes


1 – Bonkers: This could be Disney’s new “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” an animated bobcat named Bonkers on a human police force. Lots of slapstick humor and a mystery that only Bonkers can solve. It practically writes itself.


2 – Kim Possible: Ron Stoppable and Kim fight crime while dealing with all the baggage of being a teenager in the modern world. Update this story for this generation and you have a potential movie franchise.


3 – Darkwing Duck: This is a bit of a stretch since it is set in Disney’s DuckTales universe. However, I think it could be made with human actors and the same spirit of the original kept. The characters of Drake Mallard, aka Darkwing Duck, and his daughter Gosalyn are two of the best Disney created during that period.


4 – Recess: Really, was there a better animated series during the late 90s? Fourth graders on the playground with their own form of society and a collection of memorable school teachers and administrators. T.J. Detweiler and friends might really exist right now on any school playground.


5 – Gargoyles: Of all these, Gargoyles is the only one to actually be rumored to be getting a live-action remake. I want to know what they’re waiting for. Transported from medieval Scotland on top an ancient castle, these Gargoyles awake in New York City and take on the role of the city’s night-time protectors. This series had some of the best story-arcs and didn’t shy away from maintaining its dark tone. Also, the villain David Xanatos was fantastic. A live-action version with motion-capture gargoyles would be great.

Of course, failing a live-action remake, any of the above series deserve their own animated revival too. Which do you miss the most?

7 thoughts on “Five Animated Disney TV Shows Ripe for Live-Action Remakes”

  1. Just for the record, Ron’s last name is Stoppable, not Possible.

    Regarding the Wuzzles, I always wanted to see more of the possibilities it could explore, even if it became a revamped show on Disney Junior. Shame they put it on a different channel and cancelled it right after 13 episodes. Just because Bill Scott passed away doesn’t mean it can’t go on. I’d also like to see animated show versions of new characters who only appeared in the books (e.g. Koalakeet).

  2. T J and his friends have exsisted in schools since I was in school in the 60’s. Kim and Ron could be good but Rufus would also have to be included. Gargoyles would be excellent IF they cast someone with as good a voice as Xanatos had. It would make the character that much more scary.

  3. A Kim Possible live action remake would be the best! I didn’t even realize I wanted that until reading this but now I really, really do! :)

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