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Trends suggest that you probably won’t name your next baby Moana

If you’ve ever doubted just how far reaching the Disney influence is in American culture, look no further than your hometown birth announcements. If you think you’ve heard of more babies being named Elsa since Disney’s Frozen hit theaters in 2013, you aren’t imagining it.… Read More »Trends suggest that you probably won’t name your next baby Moana

Videopolis: Cover of Adele’s Hello by Disney Princes

We’re back with another great video from YouTuber Daniel Coz. He’s come up with a great take on Adele’s new hit single “Hello.” Like the original it dwells on nostalgia and regret. Coz’s cover posits what would happen if Disney Princes didn’t live happily ever… Read More »Videopolis: Cover of Adele’s Hello by Disney Princes

Tangled animated TV series coming to Disney Channel in 2017

Long rumored to be headed to Broadway or the theme parks as a musical, Disney’s animated hit Rapunzel actually ended up as a musical on the Disney Magic cruise ship. But Disney is not done with future plans for Rapunzel. Disney Television Animation just announced… Read More »Tangled animated TV series coming to Disney Channel in 2017

Learn to Draw: Flynn Rider from Disney’s Tangled

Flynn Rider, aka Eugene Fitzherbert, is the anti-hero turned hero that wins the princess’ heart in Disney’s Tangled. In a new video from Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we learn step by step how to draw the lovable scoundrel. We’re led in our instruction by Animation Academy… Read More »Learn to Draw: Flynn Rider from Disney’s Tangled

Rapunzel officially crowned 10th Disney Princess

What a magical afternoon in London! Rapunzel was officially welcomed into the Disney Princess Court when she was crowned earlier today at Kensington Palace. Rapunzel’s Royal Celebration brought together all the Disney princesses, little princesses from around the world, and a few surprise celebrity guests.

Many people showed up for the free procession through Hyde Park.

I started the day off with a long ride on the tube, and as I got closer to the station, I could already tell that this was a popular event. I saw many families with little girls dressed as their favorite princesses, or wearing a Disney princess backpack or some other identifier. It felt like I was on a bus to Disney World! As I reached Hyde Park, I was blown away at how many people had turned up! There was a procession of all the princesses throughout the park that was free for the public to attend.

After the princesses processed through the park, they dismounted their carriages in front of Kensington Palace (at this point, you had to have an invitation to see the rest of the event.) Each princess was announced by name, but it was sometimes hard to hear because of how many little girls were screaming “Ariel! Ariel!” or “BELLE!!!” Ten lucky girls from around the world were picked to be paired with one of the princesses, and they got to present them with flowers and give them a hug, and be part of a group photo in front of the palace.

I started trying to do pictures and video, but I decided to focus on just video after Snow White came through. It was hard enough getting video of Maximus, who did make an appearance, than to juggle two cameras to also get pictures! Full video of the procession below the jump.

Read More »Rapunzel officially crowned 10th Disney Princess

Tangled Characters meet their Actors

What happens when two worlds collide? Tangled stars Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi pose with their character counterparts, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider at Disneyland this past weekend! They were also interviewed for this video: I got the chance to see Flynn Rider and Rapunzel up… Read More »Tangled Characters meet their Actors