Steven Davison does Disney’s World of Color

For those of you who saw Steven Davison do his recreation of the pitch he gave that sold Disney management on “Believe… There’s Magic In The Stars” he will forever be known as Mr Forty-two shells in six seconds (read this interview from 2001 on and watch clips of the presentation in part two). “Believe…” was the show that rewrote what was possible to do with fireworks at a theme park. Davison used the pyrotechnic explosions as if they were paint on a canvas and brought music synchronization to a new level.

Now Steven and his team at WDI are bringing the water fountain and projection show to new levels. “Disney’s World of Color” is coming into the Paradise Pier Bay and, well, it’s best if we just let Steven describe it himself…

See parts two and three below the cut:
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High Flying Fireworks Act at SeaWorld

If you’re heading out to your neighborhood fireworks display tomorrow or even one of the Disney parks, you can still sneak in another show by going to SeaWorld Orlando tonight for their special fireworks display. In the above photo technician Andrew Hage checks the connections… Read More »High Flying Fireworks Act at SeaWorld

Nighttime Entertainment Upgrade debuts at Disneyland

At Disneyland everything its Nightastic! Well, almost everything. The much anticipated new Fantasmic! Dragon is still being worked on. But the new Tinkerbell float for the Electrical Parade at Walt Disney’s Adventure Park (I’m hearing that’s one possible new name for DCA) looks good and… Read More »Nighttime Entertainment Upgrade debuts at Disneyland