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Jay Rasulo Talks Up Disney’s Fiscal Future

Financially, this last quarter may have been a bit rougher than The Walt Disney Company forecasted, but things are alright now. At least according to CFO Jay Rasulo. One of the things new studio boss Alan Horn has been doing is reviewing all existing film… Read More »Jay Rasulo Talks Up Disney’s Fiscal Future

Disney Announces 2nd Quarter Results

Yesterday the Walt Disney Company announced its second quarter profit report. (FYI, DIS FYE is October.) Yeah, profit declined a bit, 1.2%, for the whole company. But all in all revenue is up and expenses should be rising as the company attempts to restart its… Read More »Disney Announces 2nd Quarter Results

Increased Earnings for 2007

The Walt Disney Company announced significantly increased earnings for 4th quarter 2007 as well as the year as a whole. For the year, earnings per share (profit divided by shares outstanding) grew from $1.64 in ’06 to $2.25 in ’07. This included one times benefits from the sale of E! Entertainment and Us Weekly. Excluding… Read More »Increased Earnings for 2007

Ovitz Case: Minutia

If you thought Disney War was light reading, then you’ll be happy to dive into the Conglomerate Blog Forum on the Ovitz/Disney Shareholder case. The general concensus seems to be that corporations and their boards have wide leeway to pretty much do as they like as long as they’re following the rules that they themselves… Read More »Ovitz Case: Minutia

Good answer to Will you change travel plans question

I’ve had a few great responses to my desire to know how Disney’s recent spate of deaths and injuries has affected your travel plans, if at all. I’m happy to say that everybody appears to be fairly sane, is a little more cautious. I wanted to post this response I got through another channel as… Read More »Good answer to Will you change travel plans question

Disney Denies World is Flat

Disney denies that the recent trip of top executives to India included a scouting mission, or any negotiations at all, for an Indian continent Disneyland. It’s a shame, because there are about to be 1 billion Indian citizens jumping onto the world’s stage as a technologic super power. Those newly minted nerds are going to… Read More »Disney Denies World is Flat

Eisner decides now is the time to make money

Michael Eisner wants to leave the Disney Company on sound financial footing. “It’s in my interest that when I leave, the company is in good enough shape that it will take a decade to screw it up,” Eisner said. Of course, that is exactly what most Disney fans think Eisner’s been doing the past decade… Read More »Eisner decides now is the time to make money

Whew. That was Close

Apparently Disneyland Paris was in a bit more financial trouble than previously believed. It had to file for bankruptcy again. This new plan should provide it some needed dept relief and investments in new attractions. Hopefully things will finally turn around for this debt strapped company.