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Fantasyland or Tomorrowland?

I’ve written before about the decision Imagineers had to make when faced with the themepark equivalent of Moore’s law. Essentially, as the technological present changes at an ever increasing speed, the ability of Disney to keep up with a themed and exciting view of the future wanes in reverse proportion. Somewhere along the way, probably… Read More »Fantasyland or Tomorrowland?

Small Tourist Destinations to be hit hard

To Disney World a single hurricane is just a blip on the radar screen. A little downturn in the attenandce that is planned for. Two hurricanes in a month is just a little tougher to budget for, but no big deal financially. However, if you’re a mom and pop operation, a small business, or even… Read More »Small Tourist Destinations to be hit hard

Just when you thought it was safe…

Just when I was about to delete his site off my bookmarks for inactivity, Michael Barrier returns with an excellent essay on Disneyland Paris. Barrier is always insightful: Walt Disney’s original Disneyland, when it opened almost fifty years ago, was itself reminiscent of a department… Read More »Just when you thought it was safe…

Creative Edge Dulls Mouse

CBS Marketwatch (pesky free registration required) posts a column on Disney’s film division and how the financial flops of this year could be putting pressure on Eisner. “It goes to the greater issue of whether Disney has lost its creative edge,” said Todd Mitchell, an… Read More »Creative Edge Dulls Mouse