Disney Denies World is Flat

Disney denies that the recent trip of top executives to India included a scouting mission, or any negotiations at all, for an Indian continent Disneyland. It’s a shame, because there are about to be 1 billion Indian citizens jumping onto the world’s stage as a technologic super power. Those newly minted nerds are going to want to have some place to play.

If it makes sense to do it in HongKong, then why not Mumbai. Mumbai Disneyland has a ring to it, don’t you think.

3 thoughts on “Disney Denies World is Flat”

  1. Man, I could imagine an India Disneyland welcomed with really angry protests against Western encroachment and cultural imperialism. I can’t see any way that Disney could make a theme park such that it would look respectful and attentive of native Indian culture.

    Besides, someone there has already made a theme park attuned to native sensibilities:


    BTW: Wasn’t Disney planning on making a park in the United Arab Emirates one time?

  2. whts the big fuss is all abt??why the hell one should care abt if disney denies having a theme park in india!!!India has good theme parks its just tht they are not been really publisied so much!!!!!so wht we really need is a good marketing stratigies to promote them and lot of finance to get them at the world competitve level…..but dont forget its just meant for fun….it dosent matter whether ur in disney land or in essel world ……the point is to have fun with yur loved ones!!!!!!!

  3. i just want to tell you that disney channel programs like lizzie mcguire, thats so raven, the suite life of zack and cody etc. should be shown in english to improve the pronounciation of teens

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