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Remembering Return to Oz Documentary

“Remembering Return to Oz” is a 90-minute exploration of Disney’s often overlooked “Return to Oz” released in 1985. The documentary features interviews with many of the people involved in the production. This includes its director Walter Murch and a rare on-camera interview with star Fairuza… Read More »Remembering Return to Oz Documentary

Pixar is Keeping it Real with ‘Turning Red’

Pixar’s Turning Red promises to be a fresh addition to the most relatable of genres: the coming-of-age story. Directed by storyboard artist Domee Shi, the movie follows 13-year-old student Meilin Lee. Mei as it happens, ‘poofs’ into an enormous red panda whenever she gets too… Read More »Pixar is Keeping it Real with ‘Turning Red’

Trailer: The French Dispatch, A film by Wes Anderson

The acquisition of 20th Century Fox came with Searchlight Pictures which means Disney once again owns an art-house label capable of producing singular works of art from auteurs like Wes Anderson that may show up as an Oscar contender at some point. The next film… Read More »Trailer: The French Dispatch, A film by Wes Anderson