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Brawl at Disney Springs causes panic

Updated at 3:30pm with reports of injuries. According to reports in local news and the sheriff’s office, a fight between patrons escalated into a panicked crowd at Disney Springs last night. The patrons were dining on the second floor of the Bongo’s location when the… Read More »Brawl at Disney Springs causes panic

Arrest Made in Disney Tea Cup Scuffle

Remember back in May when a woman was assaulted while waiting in line for the Tea Cups at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom? Not only did she suffer injuries, but she accused Disney Security of letting her attacker escape before Sheriff Deputies could arrive to… Read More »Arrest Made in Disney Tea Cup Scuffle

Hong Kong Disneyland, the conspiracy files…

Hong Kong Disneyland’s Public Relations Department must feel like they’re under attack. Now it’s college students alledging that the Hong Kong government is secretly cutting Disney some slack when it comes to laws and regulations. At the same time back in the states Disney is fighting off accusations that the independant auditor they hired to… Read More »Hong Kong Disneyland, the conspiracy files…

Peter Jennings, ABC News Anchor, Dies at 67

Peter Jennings, ABC News Anchor, Chief Editor, and a great American, has died from Lung Cancer at age 67. For nearly all of my aware life since middle school Jennings has been my anchor of record on television. For me there was a direct line… Read More »Peter Jennings, ABC News Anchor, Dies at 67

Images from of Coaster Collision

This image from (more images with the story) shows the two roller coaster trains together. The Purple train ran into the back of the red train that sits to the right of the image. They are in a braking zone. The railing on the right of the track is an emergency unloading zone if… Read More »Images from of Coaster Collision

Behind the scenes with Dave Stafford

Dave Stafford, another of the incredibly talented animators that the Disney Company let slip away, is interviewed in the VFXBlog (after you’re done with this interview, read the rest of the blog it’s great!). In addition to dishing the dirt on his most recent project, David Duchovny’s ‘House of D’, he waxes about his work… Read More »Behind the scenes with Dave Stafford

Giving Up the Ghost

Roy Disney, you just gave up the good fight against the un-Disney ways of the companies Board of Directors, CEO, and President. What are you going to do next? How about launch a race of billionaire’s yachts from California to Hawaii. Disney’s Yacht, Pyewacket, is a favorite to win in the race that starts Sunday.… Read More »Giving Up the Ghost